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Below are appended are communications with several individuals through the Web Site.

Dear JHtrem,
I began my genealogical collecting pre computer, so I hand copied this from the paper on micrfilm at the Missouri State Historical Society Library in Columbia, Mo. and will paste below the transcription.
His wife, daughter and son are also here. Oh I should have said he was great great grandfather to my husband. We descend from his son William Henry who is buried at the Old Sapulpa Cemt. Creek Co. Ok.
Yes, I acquired a copy of the Hobb's genealogy in the late 1980's from William Beck Coons of Wichita. Ks.

"The Plaindealer"
Friday Aug. 25, 1911
Carl Junction, Jasper Co. Mo.

Samuel B. Coons

Samuel B. Coons son of Major John R. and Sarah Coons was born in St. Louis, Mo. 3/5/1831.
He grew to manhood in Potosi Wisconsin. He and Miss Georgiana Rackerby married at Dabuque Iowa 10/18/1860. To this union 3 children were born. William H. (decd.), Mrs. H. L. Isherwood, and J. B. Coon. He died Mon. Aug. 21 at 11:20 age 80 yrs. 5 mos., 16 da.
He leaves to mourn, his wife, 1 daughter, 1 son, a sister at Denver, 8 grandchildren, and 1 greatgrandchild. His only brother died about 2 years ago. Burial at Carl Junction Cemetery.

Vicki Piper

It appears that I am about to get a few new cousins. I am a descendant of John Bradbury through his daughter Mary. She married John W. Brinly Feb 29 1820 in Jefferson County, KY. They were my g,g,g,grandparents. On 31 Jan 1832, Mary's brother Henry Bradbury married John Brinly's sister Eve.

John and Mary Brinly has three children, two daughters and a son. The son, Thomas Edward Coglan Brinly, married Jane McDowell on 14 FEB 1844 in Simpsonville, KY. Their first child, John Lyle Brinly, married Victoria Goodnight in Simpsonville,KY. Their first child, William Tingley Brinly married Elizabeth Herbst in Louisville, KY. They had two daughters and a son, William Marchal Brinly. He married Ruth Mary Moore on 19 August 1930 in Louisville. Thay are my parents.

John Bradbury died in 1825 in Middletown, KY. and was buried in the Middletown cemetery. In 1912 he was removed to the Masonic cemetery in Simpsonville, KY and buried next to his daughetr Mary and her husband John W. Brinly. Their two daughters are buried nearby. Jane McDowell, the first wife of Thomas E. C. Brinly is also nearby as well as a number of Jane McDowell's children.

Henry and Eve Bradbury raised a number of childern in Jefferson County, KY. The location of their graves is at present, unknown.

Bill Brinly

The John Bradbury I am refering to was born about 1772 in Staylebridge, a town 12 miles east of Manchester, England. I visited there in 1995. He died in 1825 in Middletown KY. He was buried in the Middletown cemetery, but, later moved to the cemetery in Simpsonville, a few miles east of Middsletown. I have a picture of his tomb stone if anyone is interested.

Bill Brinly

Vicki, To my knowledge, the cemetery is refered to as the Masonic Cemetery. Years ago the records were kept by the local barber. I have no idea where they are today. The cenetery is kept in good shape and there are still burials there. Send me your e-mail address and I will send you a picture of the tomb stone

Bill Brinly.

Dear plowmankey,
It must be a matter of syntax then, the usgenweb does list a Mason Cemetery in Shelby Co.? That would be a wonderful project to enter the records of the cemetery on usgenweb.
My email is pipervic(at)
Thank you!!
Vicki Piper

Dear Jhtrem,
Hobbs states they are buried there plus I spotted this listing of cemeteries on the Grant Co. Wisc. usgenweb site and wrote to the gen society for clarification of the name. Just as I suspected it was a transcription error and should have been Coons (last one listed in this township).

Potosi Township
British Hollow
Van Buren
Old Boice Creek-Hampton
Boice Prairie
Boice Creek-United Brethern
Tennyson St. Andrew Cath. Old Dutch Hollow
Tennyson St. Andrew Cath. New
Potosi St. Thomas Cath. New
Potosi St. Thomas Cath. Old

Regarding Samuel Berry Coons he is my husbands, gr grandfather and we visited and found his grave a few years ago, I have his obit and death cert. he died 8/21/1911.

Vicki Piper

Re: Anna Coons
Mona (View posts) Posted: 23 Aug 2000 2:11PM
Classification: Query
Surnames: Coons, Allen
I do not have an Anna Coons in my lineage charts. I have a Mary Ann Allen married Henry Coons. Came to Fayette Co.,Kentucky from Culpper Co., Virgina around 1790. He had 10 children. One was Joshua that really is the start of my lineage. I do have some of his ancesters information. Anna might be from one of the other 9 children.

Re: Coons family, Virginia > Kentucky > Indiana > Kansas New
aarutka Posted: 12 Dec 2000 12:30PM
Surnames: Coons, Stieger, Schuster
We may be connected, I too am searching for Coons,almost have a complete connection to approx. 1500,
my coons came from germany 1709 moved to Virginia, then I think went to Kentucky then to Indiana,(Redkey, Jay County)
however, I cannot find a connection from John (Johannes) Coons to Jost, his son I believe, Jost died in Virginia,
1794, Jost's mother is listed as Anna Gertrude Stieger, but, I also have a wife for John as Elizabeth Schuster.
I am wondering if you have any info on this.

Coons family New
Dean Coons Posted: 12 Dec 2000 1:53PM
Surnames: Coons
I think you are hoping for the same connection that I am. Those names are part of the group that lived in Germanna. If you haven't heard that name before, type in Germanna in the address bar of your browser and it should pop up. They have quite a lot of history on the Coons's.
You can email me at
Maybe we can least find our connection.


Kentucky Coons New
Mona Cooms Posted: 7 Feb 2001 1:26PM
Surnames: Coons, Allen, Countz
We inherited a chart going back to 1690. The beginning reads- Henry Coons, married Mary Ann Allen, came to Fayette County, Kentucky; from Culpper County, Virginia 1790. Henry was a good mechanic. Among his ten children was Joshua G., who starts this lineage chart. Henry Coons father, Joseph Countz, was born in 1690 in Oldensburg, Germany. He came to Virginia and was married in 1714. I also have information about town called Jeffersonton that was started in1789 on land belonging to our ancesster, Joseph Coons. It is located 12 miles northeast of Culpepper Court House on Route #29. The Coons lineage is very interesting. I have a lot about them I would share if anyone is interested. Would like to hear if yours is the same as ours. If you would like to email, use this address, or on the message board


Re: Kentucky Coons
plowmanky Posted: 10 Jul 2010 1:06PM
Classification: Query
Surnames: Brinly, Bradbury, Goodnight, Hoke
In the book, "Cemeteries in Shelby County Kentucky" published by the Shelby Co Historical Society in 1979, it is listed as "Simpsonville Cemetery". The description given in the book is as follows: "The cemetery is located in Simpson
ville, KY on the north side of U.S. 60. The Simpsonville Cemetery was established in 1854. In that year Johnson Lodge No. 82 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows purchased 2.8 acres on the outskirts of town from James Hughes. The Lodge operated the cemetery for about 25 years but eventually, probably because of a decline in membership, the chapter disbanded. In 1879, the property was transferred by the I.O.O.F. of Kentucky to Wingate Lodge No. 161 of the F.&A.M. The Masons have operated it as a community cemetery ever since."

Bill Brinly



Several things of interest.

I, also, have a copy of Hobbs. I purchased it on line as a reprint. I had missed the Osceola reference in the cemetery location mentioned by Hobbs. Thank you for pointing this out.

My parents, brother and I went to Potosi in the mid 1950's looking for family roots. I am sure my parents must have made a collection of information but I have yet to locate the files.

Regardless I am trying to fit things together bit by bit. To that end I have started to place some records on line at This is very much a NEW work in progress but you are welcome to give a look. I have a link to the text of Bradbury's Travels. And PFD's of the Hobbs text.

I am looking for the link between John R. Coons and Henry and Mary Ann (Allen) Coons. Do you have anything on this?

Also, I am interested in your thoughts on the genealogical information appended below. I note differences in date of birth of John Bradbury. And most disconcerting Sarah is reported here to have been born November 27, 1797.

Not withstanding these anomalies the genealogy does report wife Elizabeth and well documented son John Leigh as well as other children. Nine in all and two are reputed to have married into the Binly family in Jefferson Co., Ky.

You can link to the genealogy from or directly at

Y our thoughts,

Jim Tremmel

38. John Bradbury, born August 10, 1764 in Lancashire, England; died 1823 in Shelby Co., Ky.. He was the son of 76. Edward Bradbury and 77. Elizabeth. He married 39. Elizabeth Littisa Cogland? October 10, 1784 in Manchester Cathedral, Lancashire, Eng..
Elizabeth Littisa Cogland?, died Aft. 1826 in Ky.. She was the daughter of 78. Edward Cogland.

Children of John Bradbury and Elizabeth Cogland? are:

i. John Leigh Bradbury, born March 10, 1785 in Stalybridge, Lancashire, Eng.

ii. Edward Bradbury, born August 23, 1787 in Stalybridge, Lancashire, Eng.; died 1864; married Mary Stetson.

iii. Thomas Bradbury, born March 23, 1789 in Lancashire, England; died March 19, 1800 in Lancashire, England.

iv. Martha Bradbury, born February 03, 1791 in Lancashire, England; died February 12, 1791 in Lancashire, England.

v. Martha Bradbury, born March 07, 1792 in Lancashire, England; married Thomas Edward Coghlan in Liverpool, England.

vi. James Bradbury, born July 31, 1795.

vii. Sarah Bradbury, born November 27, 1797.
19 viii. Mary Bradbury, born March 03, 1799 in Manchester, England; died August 09, 1856 in Shelby Co., Ky; married John W. Brinly March 02, 1820 in Middletown, Jefferson Co., Ky..

ix. Henry Preston Bradbury, born August 03, 1800 in England; married Eva Brinly January 31, 1832 in Middletown, Jefferson Co., Ky; born May 1809 in Ky.; died Bef. 1860 in Jefferson Co., Ky..



Dear JHT,

Regarding Major John Coons connection to Henry I found this will abstract on usgenweb and will paste it below: I think our John was a grandson.......

HENRY COONS - Will Book F, page 135 - Mentions wife, Mary, son Samuel Coons and his
infant children, Pauline, Henry and Thomas M. Coons. Son, John Coons, deceased and
heirs Jemima, Molly, Joshua, Susan, James, Martin and Betsy. Executors, son, Joshua
Coons, James Coons, and Martin Coons. Witnesses, Jas. Darnaby, John Darnaby. June 5,
1821. Codicil, Mentions Mary, widow of John Coons, deceased. Elijah, Joshua, Henry
Marianne, John, Samuel, and Peter Coons, heirs of John Coons. Witnesses, James and
John Darnaby. Will and Codicil recorded Aug. Court 1823.

One discrepancy when you get to it is the maiden name of Henry's wife. I have seen her given as Allen or Whitesides. I have not come to any conclusions on this point.
There are a couple of bio's for his sons in the " "History of Fayette Co. Ky.", pg 781-782, Mid-Continent Library, Independence, Mo, 976.9 P442.", but I have not found a resolution.

Regarding John Bradbury on (I think) a genforum posting I found this message which was posted a long time ago

Jane Benner
I'm descended from John Bradbury and have a copy of the book by Thwaites about his
travels. Inside the front cover, someone long ago wrote in the following:
John Bradbury born Aug 9 or 10, 1766
Elizabeth Bradbury born Aug 18, 1766
[their children]
John Bradbury March 7, 1785
Edward Bradbury Aug 23, 1787 (my ancestor, married Mary Stetson 1818)
Thomas Bradbury March 23, 1789 died March 19, 1800
Martha Bradbury Feb 2, 1791 died Feb 12, 1791
Martha Bradbury [2] March 7, 1792
Elizabeth Bradbury Dec 16, 1793
Samuel Bradbury July 31, 1795
Mary Bradbury March 3, 1797
Sarah Bradbury Nov 32, 1799
Henry Bradbury Aug 3, 1800
Martha Bradbury [2] married Thomas Edward Coglin of Liverpool, England

You notice the typo on our Sarah's birthdate, that just our luck I suppose. Naturally, I have followed what the Historical Society of Grant Co. Wisconsin wrote to me which is Nov. 25th. They go on to give the year as 1800.

Another item you might find interesting is the following; (I'm not sure I was supposed to have access to this, so you might not want to post it on your webpage???)

Bradbury, John, 1768-1823
John Bradbury, Scottish naturalist, was born in August 1768 in Stalybridge, Scotland. He received a primary education, excelling at botany, before working in Manchester, England textile mills. Bradbury devoted much of his leisure time to the study of plants, and by age eighteen he operated an institution to teach his peers what he had learned. He married and raised eight children, progressing to management roles in the cotton industry. Continuing his botanical research, Bradbury gained patronage and support for his endeavors through papers published for several national journals. He joined the Botanical Society of Liverpool, which in 1809 selected him to conduct the association's
scientific study of American flora.
Thomas Jefferson personally welcomed Bradbury and arranged for his passage to St. Louis, which the naturalist would use as his base. In 1810, Bradbury explored the St. Louis region, venturing as far as three hundred miles from the city. When William Price Hunt's overland expedition to Astoria left St. Louis in the spring of 1811, Bradbury and English naturalist Thomas Nuttall joined the excursion. They accompanied the Hunt enterprise up the Missouri River as far as John Jacob Astor's trading fort with the Arikara Indians in South Dakota. Here, Bradbury and Nuttall connected with Ramsay Crooks's party headed further up the river. With Crooks, they visited a fur trading post in a Mandan village, remaining there the summer months. They returned to Arikara post in August 1811, joining trader Manuel Lisa's group - which included writer Henry Marie Brackenridge - on an expedited return to St. Louis. Nuttall sailed for New Orleans, then to England; however, Bradbury contracted a fever in St. Louis, spending four months recovering before departing for New Orleans.
Bradbury left St. Louis in mid-December 1811, traveling down the Mississippi River. En route, he crossed very near the epicenter at the first strike of the powerful New Madrid earthquake of December 16, 1811. Upon his eventual arrival in New Orleans, Bradbury made preparations for his return to England; however, shipping restrictions following at the outbreak of the War of 1812 thwarted his plans. Bradbury remained in the United States until 1815. In the interval, he made a broad study of the Ohio River valley and conducted additional research around St. Louis and New Orleans.
Returning to England, Bradbury compiled the notes of his excursion and the plant specimens he had earlier shipped to the Liverpool Botanical Society. In 1817, he published Travels in the Interior of North America in the years 1809, 1810, and 1811. His work, the first scientific study of the Missouri River region, contained detailed descriptions of the geography, plants and animals he encountered, including a description of buffalo herds numbering in the thousands along the river's northern banks. He provided readers depictions of the daily life of the traders with whom he traveled and the Indians he met. Bradbury met Daniel Boone and John Colter, acquaintances he described, as well. An unauthorized publication of Bradbury's collections of North American flora had been published before his arrival in London, and Bradbury did not receive the scientific recognition due him. By 1819, when a second edition of his Travels was published, Bradbury and his family had relocated
to St. Louis.
In St. Louis, Bradbury became reacquainted with Indian chiefs he had met during his earlier entures, and in the early 1820s he took a final excursion up the Missouri River. Bradbury died of unknown causes in 1823.
Source: Waldman, Carl and Alan Wexler. "Bradbury, John, 1768-1823." In Who Was Who in
World Exploration. New York: Facts on File, 1992; "Bradbury, John." In The New
Encyclopedia of the American West, edited by Howard R. Lamar, 122. New Haven: Yale
University Press, 1998; A Tribute to John Bradbury . Tameside Metropolitan Borough
Council, 2000. (August 12, 2003); Yatskivych, George. Missouri's First Botanists .
Conservation Commission of Missouri, 2002. (August 12, 2003).

Produced in collaboration with the University of Chicago.

At this time I am working on my side and will get back to this probably in the fall. Please keep me in mind if you come up with anything!!!!!!

Vicki Piper