William C. & Opal L. Tremmel: It Just So Happened  

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It Just So Happened



This document happened because It Just So Happened that two important people requested it: Lin Rigg and Tina Tremmel. Lin (the pretty girl) and Lynn (her handsome husband) are two of our very dear friends. Before they moved to Jacksonville, Florida, about a year ago, we often ate together at a special little restaurant just over there a few blocks. Apparently I would occasionally tell an "It Just So Just Happened" story. On numerous occasions Lin told me I should write those stories down before they got lost. Then not long ago, Tina came by my office and said, "Those stories you tell about the family and things. I wish you would write them down." So I did, beginning May 6, 1992. But not all the stories or, perhaps, even the ones I should have written down. Some of you will say, "Hey, don't you remember...?" And maybe I do, and maybe I don't. If something got missed that should be remembered (especially for the fun of it), you write it down and we will plan a second edition.